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“Fluid(s) of a love scene: Jelly Parade”
Jeanne Briand (France)
05:21 / mixed media / video / color / stereo

Jeanne Briand
French, born 1990
Lives and works in Paris and Pantin

FLUID(S) OF A LOVE SCENE: Jelly Parade, 2019

Installation: mixed media (sculpture, sound, image, video). Phosphorescent jellyfish in hand blown glass, variable dimensions

Coproduction of the artist and the Magasins généraux

At the start of Jeanne Briand’s work, there is the late discovery of being born, alongside her twin brother, in vitro. She belongs to the first generation of children conceived by in vitro fertilization. This biographical element will soon become a medium – the glass from the test tubes – and a research guide: the origin of forms. Her sculptures, sometimes wearing a harness or covered in skin (natural leather), convey a fetishist tone to this prosthetics “used for body augmentation”. Her artistic universe, filled with gametes, chromosomes, test tubes, uterus and now jellyfishes, fall within a new sensitivity, deeply non-binary, not only concerning gender, but also the subject/the object, the human/the animal, the organic/the technologic.

“Jellyfish, the ancestral organism, can reproduce at an embryonic state and hack! They swarm, and represent one of the most massive planetary colonization, even coercing human activity: ironically, its spreading is the result of global warming”.

The immersive installation FLUID(S) OF A LOVE SCENE: Jelly Parade is made of blown glass phosphorescent jellyfishes. Their reproduction modes, sexual and asexual at the same time, fascinate the artist. Either females capture male spermatozoids and the reproduction takes place in their stomach, or the gametes (male and female) that were previously spit in the water, meet with the stream to then transform into eggs and larvae, finally giving birth to new jellyfishes, without fertilization. More than a metaphor of the new reproduction means and sexual habits, the artist gives life to her sculptures through an audio installation that reminds us of the atmosphere of the backroom of a debauchery club, and by creating light fluctuations, making her sculptures dialogue, thanks to the smooth and hypnotic movement of a video, where other jellyfishes navigates in a fish tank. The whole work of art gives birth to a sensual and futuristic courtship ritual, a bewitching and enlightened aquatic dance.

Exhibition « Futures of Love » curated by Anna Labouze & Keimis Henni
w/ Ed Atkins, Nobuyoshi Araki, Neïl Beloufa, Urs Fischer, Ed Fornieles, Camille Henrot, Ange Leccia…

Les Magasins Généraux, Pantin
From June 21th to September 8th, 2019